This is for informational purposes and is not endorsed by Weight Watchers International. We have determined that ALL of our Co-branded Cookies have a point value of 4. This is for a 1oz serving which is approximately six (6) cookies...

NOW AVAILABLE !! Our popular Diamond Walnut, Musselman's Apple Sauce / Oatmeal and Realemon Lemon Cookies are available in a larger 5oz bag. You will hopefully be able to find these items in your local Dollar Store, Convenience Store or Retail G..

Featured Article in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, May 2011 issue.
While we are no longer in brownie production, take a look at our previous endeavors (http://www.ocolony.com/Old-Colony-SnackFoodWholesaleBake-Article.pdf) Click Here to Read our article that appeared in Snack Food and ..




New Changes coming to Old Colony!  Full contract baking opportunities for both Rotary and Wire Cut Cookies.  Please see our Contact Info for phone numbers and Emails! Old Colony Baking is the industry leader in co-branded snacks. With our proprietary recipes, we have created some of the most delicious and unique items available on the market today. We promise you the Highest Quality, Freshest, Best Tasting Pre-packaged snacks that you will find anywhere.  Please be sure to check back soon for more updates!