Your Fudge Brownie is fantastic and very fresh tasting. It does not taste artificially oversweet like other Brownies. Thank you for this wonderful treat.

Anna Watsey
Pennsauken, NJ

As a husband and wife team that travel extensively we order products online quite frequently. After receiving your Musselman's Apple Sauce / Oatmeal Cookies on a recent American Airlines flight, we placed an order through your web site. I must say, your customer service was very helpful and receiving our order four days after being placed was exceptional, this is way out of the norm for online purchases, and believe me, we know !! Keep up the the good work, I promise it will pay dividends.

Anthony & Julie DeAugustino
Washington D.C.

Hands down the best brownie I've ever had. I am sad because the vending machine I got it out of had only one. I am a customer of yours from now on, once I speak to my wife expect me to buy a whole case.

Blake Pace
Watkinsville, GA

A Co-Worker just shared the Chocolate Chip Bar he purchased from our office vending machine. I have never seen or had anything like this. I love anything with Chocolate Chips in it so for me this was perfect. I immediately went to the machine to purchase my own for my afternoon snack. Thanks for making such a unique snack.

Brenda Ashton
Waltham, MA

My son had brought home your Musselman's Apple Sauce Cookie from school and we both thought that they were delicious. I had looked in my local Publix but never did find them. This week I had taken an American AIrlines flight and was quite surprised when I was served the same Apple Sauce Cookies. I figured this was fate and again checked the grocery, still nothing. Come on folks, these cookies need to be available in a larger size!!

Cindie Tripka
Columbia, SC

Wanted to tell you how much my family enjoyed your Gourmet Fudge Brownie. It was fresh, moist and delicious. We especially liked the Chocolate Chips and Nuts rather than the frosting you find on other brownies. This is the first time we have had your product but it will not be the last.

Clarisa Orozco
Newman, GA

You had asked what airline I was on when I enjoyed your cookies. I am a pilot for American Airlines and the cookies are frequently a part of the crew meals that we are served in-flight. I have often seen the co-pilots that I fly with pass on eating the meal but ask for the bag of cookies. We crewmembers often comment on how good your product is, that is why I placed the order, to share that enjoyment with friends and family at home !! Thanks,

Dave Amundson - MD80 Captain
Canton, SD

I'm new to this email thing so a few weeks back I wrote you a letter telling you how much I enjoyed your Musselman's Apple Sauce Cookie on one of my American Airlines flights. What company answers a letter within a week?? I then promptly ordered a 1/2 case from your web site and received them within three days of placing the order, what company does that?? Now that I'm a bit better at emailing I had to compliment you on your customer service. As far as I'm concerned you stand alone in that category!

Denise Holdenfield
Dallas, TX

I've got a problem. My wife just found my "stash" of the Andes Mint Cookies I've been ordering from you and now wants me to share. Of course I said NO, but she didn't accept that. Now I have to order full cases rather than the 1/2's I've been ordering. Do you have a frequent buyers program? I think I'll need it. WE LOVE THESE COOKIES !!!

Don and Pam Herbert
New York, NY

I just had to email you and tell you how pleased I was to find my daughters school including your Musselman's Apple Sauce Cookie in her meal. My daughter loved the cookies, and I too was impressed with the quality and packaging. We use Musselman's Apple Sauce here at home and I can't tell you the comfort I had knowing she was receiving such a quality snack at school. THANK YOU Old Colony, I will look for your products next time I am shopping.

Elizabeth Holbert
Sacramento, CA

I didn't know if I was eating an actual Andes Mint or what. Your Chocolate Mint Cookies are absolutely the best cookie ever made. I'm ashamed to say it, but these put the Girl Scout Cookies to shame

Fran Thomason-Bell
Park City, UT

Dear Old Colony, I am the Warehouse Supervisor of Acadiana outreach. Following Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, Acadiana Outreach began to dispense food, and cleaning supplies to shelters and families with evacuees of these horrific events. As Supervisor, my staff and I actually get to dispense the supplies. I can not tell you how many children light up when they see a box with your Musselman's Apple Sauce / Oatmeal cookies included. They may just be cookies, but for many kids they are tiny droplets of pure happiness in trying times. Thank you for making them and making them available for the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Hardell Ward
Lafayette, LA

I just tasted your Gourmet Brownie for the first time. I have to tell you that this is the best packaged Brownie I have ever had. To be honest, this is better than I could make at home, and I bake regularly! Your Brownie is moist and has a wonderful chocolate flavor unlike other Brownies on the market that have loads of corn syrup in them. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Lasowsky
Holland, MI

I just purchased a bag of your Andes Chocolate Mint Chip Cookie from the "Honor" Box in our office and I just had to drop you a note. WOW !!! These cookies actually taste like the mint. The texture of the cookie and the flavor will make these my new favorite cookie. (I purchased all the bags that were in the box and can't wait to get home to try dunking them with a glass of cold milk)

Jeremy Glassman
Bronx, NY

I am writing this from 30,000 ft onboard a Northwest Airlines flight. I just finished my meal and included was a bag of your Diamond Walnut Shortbread Cookies. These are absolutely the best cookies I have ever eaten. They almost melt in your mouth. What a treat finally receiving something actually edible on board a flight.

Jim Fincher
Minneapolis, MN

I am telling everyone that loves lemon cookies to make sure you try Old Colony Realemon Lemon Cookies. I was given a bag on Alaska Airlines and asked for seconds. I spent 2 days on my Vacation in LA trying to find them. When I returned home I had to contact you so I could stock my shelves with them. THEY ARE WITHOUT DOUBT THE BEST LEMON COOKIE, and I have tried them all.

John Cavey-Smith
Alki Beach, WA

I purchased several of your 5 Pack Brownies for use at Halloween and the kids really seemed to enjoy them. I had a few packs left over, brought them to work and put them by the Coffee Bar. They were gone before the first break. Keep up the great work. This is an incredibly good snack for a packaged Brownie.

Lenore Covington
Scarsdale, NY

My family and I just returned from our vacation, and aboard the Hawaiian Airline flight we were served your Realemon Lemon Cookies. Would you believe that the first half day in Hawaii was spent in grocery stores looking for this cookie. Unfortunately we could not find them so we "killed some time" laying on the beach, swimming and other stuff until our return flight so we could get more cookies. WOW is all I can say. Of course my mission once I get home is to stock up.

Leslie Thorson
Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted to write to let you know that your Diamond Walnut Shortbread Cookies are the BEST !! The texture and taste are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Mark Singleton
Chicago, IL

As a flight attendant on American Airlines, I just had to write and tell you the incredible comments that we're hearing from our passengers on your Diamond Walnut and Musselman's Apple Sauce / Oatmeal Cookies. I continually hear, "Do you happen to have any more" or "If you happen to run across any more cookies and you don't know where to go with them, remember my seat". I can not remember when I have had as many compliments on a snack that we have served. By they way, I have sneaked a few bags and really enjoy them myself. Thought you would like to hear a report from the "front lines".

Name Withheld by Request
Dallas, TX

I just had, for the first time, your Gourmet Brownie and found it to be an excellent product. Not to sweet and very much like a home made brownie. I really enjoyed it with my morning coffee.

Robert VanHorne
Oshkosh, WI

From ALL of us serving in Iraq, we would like to extend our personal Thanks and Gratitude for your "ANDES CHOCOLATE MINT CHIP COOKIES"

Sgt. Michael J. Evanich

When I went to our office vending machine for my usual bag of Famous Amos cookies and found that they were not there I was not a happy camper. In their place were Apple Sauce cookies. Can you imagine what I was thinking? Musselman's Apple Sauce Cookies instead of my chocolate chip cookies. Since 'I needed" my afternoon snack I purchased a bag. Are you kidding me!!! These are the most incredible cookies that I have ever had. Where have these been. Sorry Mr. Amos, we're through.

Stacey Olsen
Natic, MA

Just a quick note to tell you how fantastic your Realemon Lemon Bar is. So many "lemon" items are overpowering, but the light lemon flavor in your bar is just the right touch. An excellent snack, keep up the good work.

Susan Akerman
Atlanta, GA

I'm impressed !!! My daughter, a junior in High School just came home with a bag of your Realemon Lemon Cookies and insisted that I try them. She was going on and on how much will power it took for her to not eat the cookies on the way home. At any rate she made me try them right then and there, and I must tell you that these are the most delicious cookies I have ever had. My daughter and I share the love of anything Lemon, so she was sure I would love these as much as she did. Keep up the good work !! What other products do you make?

Sylvia Robles
Las Vegas, NV

I'm known in my office as a "grump" because I complain about everything. However, I just had your Diamond Walnut Shortbread Cookie and must tell you that I have never had such a delicious cookie, especially one that was not home made. Now, instead of complaining, I'm extolling the virtues of your cookies. I've already bought out the machine so I could take some home to my wife and kids. Just wanted to let you know .

Thomas A. Donnally
"The Big Apple" NYC

Every morning for the last several years my routine has been to stop for a coffee and sweet roll. This morning the cashier at the store asked if I had tried the new Brownie they just started to carry. Since I had not, I took one with me. I NEVER write to companies but since you asked for comments here's one....WOW !! What a great Brownie!!

Tom Norbert
Columbia, SC

I am aboard the USS IWO JIMA eating your fantastic Diamond Walnut Shortbread Cookies. They make life here on the ship just a little more bearable.Thank You

FC3 LoVerde, Dean

As an Platinum member of American Airlines, I wanted to share my delight in receiving your Andes Chocolate Mint Chip Cookie on a recent flight. I have had several of your other cookies but as of now the Andes is my favorite. I just could not believe how much like the actual mint it tasted. As if flying 100,000 miles a year and having the opportunity to get your cookies on virtually every flight isn't enough, I just ordered an assorted case to have at home.

William A. McDonough
Highland Park, TX