Carnival Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers are not just for kids!! 

Our Carnival Animal Crackers are the most flavorful animal crackers on the market. Unlike most traditional animal crackers, ours don't leave your mouth dry. Whether eaten with milk or without, they are a favorite among both kids and adults. In fact, we have found that when given a choice between our animal crackers and other brands of various cookies, Carnival Animal Crackers are chosen more than any other cookie!

Diamond Walnut Shortbread Cookies

A universal favorite, we have made shortbread cookies even better! With the addition of Diamond Walnuts, we have enhanced the pleasure of this “Melt in Your Mouth” Cookie. The soft texture and subtle flavor of this cookie will make you want to keep some handy for after school or late-night snacking as well as for serving to unexpected guests.

Mussleman's Apple Sauce / Oatmeal Cookie

Apple Sauce Cookies?? What?? Just try them and you’ll be hooked, like millions of other folks who thought the same thing. Our Musselman’s Apple Sauce/Oatmeal Cookie is one of the top items here at Old Colony. 

The scent of these cookies when opening the bag will bring back memories of your childhood and apple pies cooling on the window sill. The unique combination of apple sauce and oatmeal make this crisp cookie a favorite among kids and adults alike.

ReaLemon Lemon Cookies

Fresh, aromatic and delicious – that’s our ReaLemon Lemon Cookie. It's light, crisp texture makes this cookie a refreshing choice when you need to satisfy that lemon craving. These treats are perfect on a hot day, or compliment a cup of hot tea when it's time to relax. Made with the juice from REAL lemons, and balanced with just the right amount of sweetness, we've created the quintessential lemon cookie. We dare say it's the best available.

Assorted Cookie Pack

If you just can't make up your mind, Love ALL our cookies or just want to try before you buy, the Assortment Pack is for you. The Assortment comes in Full cases of the 2oz and 5oz. 

*Animal Crackers only available in 2oz.